What Customers Are Saying About Their Experience With Mold Aid

My family and I were concerned since we were seeing more and more dust around the house.  We have young children and we wanted to make sure they where breathing in good quality air.  I contacted Mold Aid since a neighbor of mine recommended them. I contacted the main office and set up an appointment.  They were very accomodating to my schedule and fit me in quickly.  The gentlemen that came out to my house on the scheduled date and time and was very pleasant to work with. (I must say that it is nice to have someone show up when they say they will instead of waiting and wondering)  They took great care inside the home.   They did not leave anything for me to clean up.  Everything was handled professionally.   They told me what they were going to do and how they woudl be doing it and they were very happy to answer any questions I had.  I was very pleased with the service provided to me by Mold Aid and I would definitely contact them again in the future for services I may need.

- Joe From Remmington VA

“We highly recommend your company to anyone needing assistance with a mold problem”

- Dennis From Prince William County VA

Mold Aid provided mold testing and inspection services for my apartment. I’m from out of state and recently moved to Washington, DC for college, shortly after occupying my new apartment I started receiving poor health symptoms such as fever, runny nose, aggravated throat, etc. Then the inspection reported that I had high elevations of mold and bacteria. I contacted the apartment complex, at first they were slow to respond, then called Mold Aid to help because I was very concerned for my health. The owner wrote a detailed letter to provide for the apartment complex that detailed concerns for occupying the apartment. Mold Aid helped to convince the Landlord to get me into a new apartment room. I am very grateful for the time that they spent for my case and I would definitely recommend going to them.

- Lauren From DC

“My experience with Mold Aid and John Taylor above all was really outstanding… given timing and other constraints, John Taylor and your team were really right there for me… holding my hand until we got the remediation done… diagnosing the situation conservatively yet accurately… not pushing business… and doing a job that is showing itself to be the solution i needed. Thank you. And please thank him again.”

- Eileen From DC


We had the unexpected opportunity to use Mold Aid two times. The first time was for a simple job of a small amount of mold by the master shower. I had noticed discoloration in the floor and caulking. I looked at many companies that were listed in the Internet that said they would treat mold. Mold Aid seemed the most informed, trained and they promised to come back within a year and test levels in my house. While my renters were on vacation for spring break, I had the mold treated. After the mold remediation, I had new tile and cabinets put in by an independent contractors. I was very happy with Mold Aids efficiency and thoroughness. Months went by and our military renters moved that summer and new renters were moving in. After a hot moving day with doors open, the house passed my move out inspection and my renters moved out. My new renters moved in the next day. The wife got sick within a few hours of… read more

- Cheryl From Woodbridge

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick action in helping us remediate our recent mold problem at our rental property.  Once contacted, you immediately sent one of your technicians to analyze the problem and made recommendations to address the issues.   When we had additional concerns about the remediation, you came and educated us on the technical aspects of our particular situation. You met with our tenant and put her at ease with your explanation of what the clean up process entailed. Your technicians were timely, courteous and professional. We were impressed that you, as the business owner, made several personal appearances to ensure the work was being done to the state standards, and above. I would like to commend you and your staff for a job well done. We highly recommend your company to anyone needing assistance with a mold problem, and would not hesitate to use your services again if the need arises.

- Dennis

Mold Aid provided testing services after a pipe broke and flooded my home. We called them because the insurance company was stalling and was ignoring the mold issue. Mold Aid used thermal cameras, moisture meters and took swab and air samples and provided a thorough inspection. Mr. Cardwell, one of Mold Aid’s Certified Indoor Environmentalists was great. He called us when the lab results returned and discussed the results. They found the home had Stachbotrys which is categorized as a potentially toxigenic mold. I had been having respiratory issues so this find made a lot of sense. I reported this to my insurance company and they tried to run from the liability. Read More

- Roxy from Bristow

On January 2, 2011 after taking a shower I noticed a rash on my feet and ankles. I also had sinusitis symptoms for the weeks preceding the noticeable rash. I went to the Dr. on January 3rd to address the sinus symptoms (also had a slight fever and sore throat). The Dr. didn’t want to put me on steroids to address the rash as he felt it would be detrimental to my body’s ability to fight the cold and fever. I began researching possible causes for the rash and recalled seeing what looked like mold on the dartboard in the finished basement. The more I looked into the symptoms of mold exposure, the more it looked like the possible cause. Between the two of us we had many of the classic symptoms, persistent sinusitis, rash, fatigue, burning eyes, headaches, shortness of breath, IBS, occasional sore throat, tremors, ear aches, difficulty concentrating and sputum. Based on my symptoms (more specific to the spreading rash) and the visible mold, we vacated the home on January 5th.

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- Dennis