being in the house. She was taken to the hospital where the ER physician said she was having an asthma attack. She doesn’t have asthma. When my renter went back to the house, he noticed a big black spot on the garage ceiling. He moved out and called my husband who then called me. My husband was in Iraq at the time.

After a long talk with my husband that Sunday morning, I called my contractor and John Taylor. They both agreed to meet me in a few hours at the house. When I walked into the garage there was a large black spot on the ceiling that was not there two days earlier. My contractor and I went into the house and to the master bathroom. When my contractor sat on the toilet, it moved.

He was in shock.

His subcontractor had set the toilet months before. If the toilet wasn’t sealed it would leak water. That is exactly above the spot in the garage. John Taylor arrived at my house with family in tow. He changed his family plans on July 4th weekend to help solve this problem. He told us the area of mold is concerning. The next day he had someone test the house and mold level.

It was extremely high “toxic” level. That is why my renters wife got sick so fast. He put me on the schedule as soon as possible to treat my house. They did a great job moving quickly so I would have time to get everything rebuilt and painted so I could the house ready to rent again. I love the guarantee that they will come back before the year is out to retest the levels. The levels were normal. That gave me so much peace of mind. Rusty was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about his work.

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