The owner John Taylor took interest in my case because we were having health issues and he called the insurance company on my behalf and described to them how their improper drying procedures allowed for the mold to grow in my home which was obviously causing health related issues.

The insurance company must of known Mr. Taylor was highly certified and was an advocate of me the homeowner and the insurance company Nation Wide finally agreed to take responsibility for the claim. Mold Aid scheduled an appointment and their crew removed all of the contaminated materials, ran air scrubbers, wiped down and cleaned the entire home and cleaned and sterilized the ductwork. The crew was very professional and I was updated the entire time on the progress.

When we returned to the home we found the home to be incredibly clean and the job was neatly performed. I noticed after a few days that my symptoms were better and I called Mr. Taylor to thank him. We talked for a while and he asked about my respiratory problems. I told them they were better. The next day I had a knock at my door and one of Mold Aid employees had brought me a Health Pro Plus unit to my home.

They said it was a gift from Mr. Taylor the owner.

He was worried about my health issue enough to give me a $1000.00 Air Purifier which cleans the air in my entire home. I called him to thank him and he said no worries. He thought that because my insurance company was stalling it may have caused me some health issue from the exposure and he wanted to help as much as he could. I highly recommend MOLD AID. They are an amazing group. All of their testing people are certified environmentalist and they are the most certified company in the industry that I could find. They are thoughtful, kind and professional and I am so grateful they took my case. Here is their website www.moldaid / Members may email me anytime to discuss this great company.

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